Architectural Drawings:

Q: Where will the pool be located?

A: The pool will be located in the subdivision by Castle Homes, just off of Highway 16, next to the Parker Place subdivision and east of Road 85B.

Q: What is special about the location for the pool?

A:Having a pool in Esparto allows everyone in the Capay Valley to have access to swimming instead of having to drive all the way to Woodland.

Q: How big will the pool be?

A:We are hoping to accommodate several lap lanes at 25 meters in length with the ability to offer several diverse programs. In addition we are hoping to offer a wading area for small children.

Q: Why not just build a simple lap pool?

A:We want to offer the community diverse programs to appeal to people of all water interests.

Q: What other kinds of amenities will the pool have?

A: There will be showers and locker rooms with a multipurpose room to host events.

Q: When will the pool be built?

A: We are currently collecting funds to build the pool. We hope to have a pool in the next 5-10 years.

Q: Why is the pool important to the community?

A: It offers various activities for people of all ages. People who would like to swim but cannot get to Woodland would not have to travel far to use a pool. The high school would be able to have a swim team and to host swim meets. Children in the community would have a safe place to go during the summer to have fun.

Q: What kind of contributions are needed?

A: At this time we are looking to raise 3 million dollars to build the facility. We appreciate any monetary donation.

Q: Will the pool be open year 'round?

A: Ideally the pool would be open all year. However, we are looking to have the pool open 6 months out of the year.

Q: Who will use the pool?

A: We are hoping to have the high school involved as well as a local swim masters club. However, we also encourage people interested in water aerobics as well as open swim for families to come use the pool.

Q: Who will operate the pool?

A: The YMCA has expressed interest in running pool business. WYORCA is in talks with creating a recreational use district that would have the community involved in covering the operating costs of the pool.

Q: Will there be a parking on the site?

A: There will be plenty of street parking around the facility.

Q: What is WYORCA?

A: WYORCA stands for Western Yolo Recreation Center Association. It a non-profit organization run by a volunteer board of directors with the expressed interest of building a pool in Esparto.

Q: How can I help?

A: You can make monetary donations, in kind donations during construction, volunteer with fund raising, use the Raley's Scrip cards, attend our monthly meetings or become a board member.

Q: More Questions?

A: Contact contactus@wyorca.org.

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