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Why Swim?

  • Because swimming is universal! It's a competitive sport played around the world.
  • Because you can swim for fun and for exercise.
  • Because you can work on speed and endurance.
  • Because swimming is one of the best workouts you can give your body, because it works almost all of your major muscle groups at the same time.
  • Because there's less pressure on your joints and bones than with out-of-water sports.
  • Because it's fun.
  • Because there's always room to grow!

Cool Swimming Facts:

  • Because cool water lowers your body temperature, you don't get as hot and sticky when you're swimming as you do with other forms of exercise or sports.
  • The workout in swimming comes because you're moving against the resistance of the water, which is equal to more than ten times the resistance of air (Resistance is any force that makes it harder for you to move). So you're getting a cardio workout like you'd get with running or doing aerobics, and a resistance workout like you'd get with weight training.
  • Swimming is more than a fun sport and a way to stay healthy; it's a skill that could save your life or help you save someone else's life in an emergency.
  • Swimming regularly can help build muscle mass and reduce body fat.
  • In swimming, you can choose to specialize in a certain kind of stroke (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, or butterfly). Each stoke requires you to move your arms, legs, and body in a different way.

Swim Jokes:

Q: What race is never run?
A: A swimming race.

Q: What kind of stroke can you use on toast?
A: BUTTER-fly!

Q. Why can male elephants swim whenever they want?
A. They always have trunks with them!

Q: Why do you keep doing the backstroke?
A: Because I've just had lunch and don't want to swim on a full stomach.

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